Cross Into Cool

Coolkid is the Special Forces of Social Networks

The Coolkid Social Network Social Media start-up is a bona-fide force multiplier for Creators, Enterprise and Individual Users. ​ Coolkid, a cool new social media company with the framework to engage in sharing, communications, music audio, pictures, teams, videos and more is your secure digital headquarters. Find out why Users are crossing into

Post Your Actions

Coolkid is a unique social network cyberstation where you can construct and fortify your digital headquarters. The mission is to castle a secure station as a force multiplier for what’s important and fun in your world and those who want to be engaged with you. Mission ready and mission capable. Take command of your broadcasting station with a Coolkid account.

Customize Your New Profile

Customize Your Profile Page. Keep intel private such as your Birthday Year. You decide what info is public, private, or just viewable by your Friendlies. ​ A clean interface crisp as paper and fresh as linen. Your cyber station can be cool like the other side of the pillow. ​ For a new fresh social media site to sign up with, Coolkid is choice. ​

A Fully Capable Digital Asset

A centralized platform to showcase your pictures, videos, music, blogs, news, sports, tactics and special abilities. Coolkid is the place to be. ​ Fun, excitement, adventure, or calm and smooth. Set your sails for the course you were meant for. ​ Phone calls, video calls and instant messaging can be achieved with Coolkid KIT. Built in and really to roll.